Here’s the tl;dr version

I’m a cloud consultant / IT pro working in Sydney, Australia. I have 12 years of experience and counting under by belt. Starting initial working in the SMB space, I now work with large national and global enterprise customers designing and implementing cloud solutions, mostly aligned to the Microsoft Cloud stack.

Heres the long version

I’m a cloud consultant / IT Pro working in Sydney, Australia. I’ve liked technology and geeking out with it since I first got to tinker with PCs in my early teens. I was born in Romania, emigrated to Australia when I was 3, and therefore made in Sydney. I described myself, for the most part, as a 12 year old trapped in a 30 year olds body. I don’t take things to seriously as the fun and happy side of life is what I hold dear.

I enjoy football (as its correctly called; otherwise known as soccer; come on Chelsea), gaming (on PC!), Formula 1, MotoGP, Star Wars, drinking de-caf coffee, cooking and laughing.

Today I work at an amazing professional and managed services consultancy: Kloud Solutions; which is a multiple Microsoft Australia and Microsoft global award winning partner, where I’m architecting, designing and implementing cloud solutions for enterprise customers focusing around the Microsoft Cloud: Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365.

The cloud: you’re either on-board or you’re in the way. You can’t stop it. It’s the present and the foreseeable future.


Since 2014 when through circumstance I, figuratively speaking, fell into the cloud. What do I mean by that you ask?…

Well, to explain it in better English; bringing my head out of the cloud (see what I did there), I came to the realisation that working with public clouds like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services is my career’s future. Since then I have been soaking up as much knowledge as possible while working to translate my existing experience into how that can relate to the cloud. So far so good.

I’m a Microsoft Specialist (x2 – Architecting Azure Solutions and Implementing Azure Solutions), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)(x2) , a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)(x7), a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)(x1), a Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA)(x2 with the newest being for Microsoft Cloud Platform), a Microsoft Certified IT Professional – Enterprise Administrator (MCITP-EA)(x1), a Certified Meraki Networking Associate (CMNA) and have numerous other certificates in network, messaging and systems administration.

At present I specialise mostly in Microsoft Azure (and Office 365) cloud infrastructure, but I do dabble in Amazon Web Services and tinker with all things latest and greatest, including Docker and containerisation.

I’m excited about new technologies and working with the latest and greatest of cloud services to always improve my work and that of customers I architect, design and build solutions for.


I’ve lived in Sydney, Australia for nearly all my life. I can safely say that I’ve been very lucky to live in the best city in the world. The weather, the people, the places to go has made the journey so far fantastic!

Again thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy some of the blog posts I’ve put up.

Before you go, if you read anything on the blog that you feel needs improvement, I welcome all feedback: good or bad. It’s the only way to learn and improve.

Best, Lucian

Last updated: 2017-11-03