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70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

References I've put together to help me study for this exam

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Last month Microsoft released the first infrastructure certificate for Azure: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions - Exam 70-533. There is a five day training coarse (20533A: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions) that's been set-up as well to streamline the learning process and break down the wealth of information in reasonable time frame.

I've personally started the exam path studying from home with the intent to sit the exam by late January 2015. Having worked with Azure briefly, I'm confident in a 3-5 month window to gain the knowledge required to comfortably pass.

There are very different and always acceptable means of study. However, here are some of the key principles I've used to complete over 15 certifications:

To help those along the journey, I've searched many resources on-line from various other blog sites and put together this quick study guide:

Implement Websites (15-20%)

Deploy websites

Configure websites

Configure diagnostics, monitoring, and analytics

Configure scale and resilience

Manage hosting plans

Implement Virtual Machines (15-20%)

Deploy workloads on Azure virtual machines (VMs)

Implement Images and Disks

Perform Configuration Management

Configure VM Networking

Configure VM resiliency

Design and implement VM storage

Monitor VMs

Implement Cloud Services (15-20%)

Configure cloud services and roles

Deploy and manage cloud services

Monitor cloud services

Implement Storage (15-20%)

Implement blobs and Azure files

Manage access

Configure diagnostics, monitoring, and analytics

Implement SQL databases

Implement recovery services

Implement Azure Active Directory (15-20%)

Integrate an Azure AD with existing directories

Configure the Application Access Panel

Integrate an app with Azure AD

Implement Virtual Networks (15-20%)

Configure a virtual network

Modify a network configuration

Design and implement a multi-site or hybrid network

I hope that the content I've found through various searching across the net helps you in your studies. Of-course there is much more content out there to read and take up; so I encourage you to continue further review until you feel you're ready to sit the exam. I'll post a brief on the exam once I've completed that as well.

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