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Hi, i'm Lucian 👋

Here's what you need to know about me

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Hey there, I'm Lucian. Thanks for stopping by 👋

I'm a Lead Microsoft Azure focussed Cloud Solution Architect by day with many of years of professional services consulting experience under my belt (don't remind me that I'm getting old). I work for Telstra Purple as part of the Workplace and Digital Apps group helping enterprise customers.

By night, I write this blog as a way for me to share my experiences and at times my opinion.

I probably best describe myself, for the most part, as a 12 year old trapped in a 30 something year old's body. I think the fun part of life is what drives my personality and outlook. Being stressed and unhappy are just a road to, as someone great once said, "…the path to the dark side. [Stress leads to anger.] Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

I enjoy football (as its correctly called people!) otherwise known as soccer, come on Chelsea! 🔵; gaming on PC; Formula 1 (#EssereFerrari 🔴); MotoGP (#MonsterYamaha 🔵); Star Wars; cooking (I'm a self proclaimed international Michelin star MasterChef) and ofcourse laughing. You can never laugh enough too much in life.


As a solution architect, I'm guiding customers on their journey in the cloud to stay on course with delivering business outcomes and goals by leveraging cloud first, cloud native and best practice patterns. That involvement can be from the beginning of that journey which is exciting to design an entire environment reference architecture for IaaS and PaaS adoption from scratch. That involvement can also be focussed on transforming their lift and shift or migrated production cloud estate by working to modernise their infrastructure and reduce technical debt.


I started consulting some 14 years ago. Time flies when you're having fun!? For the last 6-7 years I've been at the forefront of cloud computing working on a combination of SaaS based public cloud (Microsoft Office 365), to IaaS and PaaS (Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services) public cloud solutions. In that time I've worked on dozens of engagements across ASX200 enterprises ranging from a few weeks to larger transformations that have spanned months to years.


When I break it down, deep down at it's most simple description- I'm a problem solver or solution finder. My mild OCD and quest for perfection, improvement and forward momentum leads me to want to fix things. Some things are broken, while others are not. An old proverb says you shouldn't fix something that's not broken. I argue, then how can you innovate and move forward if you're stuck in that snapshot in time? It's a careful balance, but certainly one that needs to skew on the constantly fixing side for me.


Over the course of my career I've aligned mostly with the Microsoft stack having worked at a number of integrators in various professional services roles. Along the way I've amassed numerous industry and technology specific certifications. Some key certs include:

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If you'd like to get a more detailed overview, head over to LinkedIn and check out my profile.

About this site

After using an interesting and different name in ‘clouduccino’ for a while, reference to me was a little obscure. I changed to Lucian.Blog in 2017 shortly after when the .blog top level domain name became available. It's certainly much easier to enter a URL of vs

I've recently moved away from WordPress and now host this on Azure Storage as a static website. I designed it from scratch using:

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Ask away on Twitter, LinkedIn or in my open GitHub AMA repo.