Hi, i'm Lucian, and this is my blog where I like share my experiences, thoughts and opinions on life in the blue cloud. I'm a Cloud Solution Architect, specialising in Azure Core (aka infrastructure), at Microsoft, in Sydney, Australia.

Hi 👋, i'm Lucian 🤙

Here's what you need to know about me.

Image: My wife ❤️, she takes nice photos. 2027 in Byron Bay, northern NSW.
Caption: What a handsome devil


Hey there, I’m Lucian. Thanks for stopping by 👋

I’m a Cloud Solution Architect @ Microsoft by day, working in the Customer Success team. By night, I write this blog as a way for me to share my experiences and at times my opinion.

As a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, I work with enterprise customers to ensure their success as they use the Azure platform. I work with both technical and leadership teams to help drive high priority projects to successful completion, acting as a customer advocate with Microsoft engineering to provide feedback on the platform, and remove any blockers for successful adoption.

About this site

I designed it from scratch using:

  • Bootstrap as the framework
  • Built with Hugo as the static site generator
  • Code repo (private) on GutHub
  • Coded mostly with Visual Studio Code - Insiders
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery - rethinking this process.. stay tuned
  • Taken several months of my spare time to build and convert WordPress posts to markdown
  • Tested with ‘Credge’ / ‘Edgeium’ (the New Edge) and Firefox (old faithful)