The 3rd person overview

Lucian is a Lead Microsoft Azure cloud solution architect that is always driving forward thinking, forward momentum and striving for the best for enterprises he works with. He is always looking to “level up”; from personal growth and being a lifelong learner, to helping customers and clients that he works with getting the most, and achieve the best, out of the cloud.

My golden circle

My why

(via Simon Sinek)

I came up with this as it sums up what I enjoy doing:

  • Solving problems
  • Designing architecture
  • Always looking to improve
  • Always looking to move forward
  • Always looking forward and rarely looking back
  • Striving for the best
  • Looking at life as a system and always trying to level up

“To solve problems with forward thinking and forward momentum. I’m always striving for the best, so that I and everyone I engage are always levelling up ^”


From setting out architectural frameworks and patterns for greenfield environments to ongoing improvement planning and execution for existing environments.

I’m a lifelong learner and look to be levelling up my knowledge, both technical hard skills and those tricky soft skills that I often find come to you with experience. I’m always reading books, listening to new perspectives through podcasts and learning from others.


My lead consultant role at Kloud Solutions, a Telstra company, is to engage enterprise customers and help design their (cloud) technology architecture, with a focus on Microsoft Azure. I still get hands-on and on the tools. I’m enjoying the challenge of shifting more towards “DevOps” methodology and moving away from “ClickOps” to maximise efficiency and effort.

More info

If you’d like to get a more detailed overview, head over to LinkedIn and check out my profile there.