Version 4.1.20, Thursday 21st March 2019

  • Header fonts, revered back to Roboto to keep things simple
  • Moved the search next to the blog name
  • Moved the other menu on the right hand side

Version 4.1.19, Monday 3rd December 2018

  • Added new header fonts Shadows Into Light and Roboto Mono

Version 4.1.18, Monday 27nd August 2018

  • Updated Font back to’s “Roboto” sans-serif font
    • Also added in “Roboto Mono” for code
  • Updated NAVBAR, removed container
  • Adjusted font weights and sizes

Version 4.1.17, Thursday 23nd August 2018

  • Updated Font Awesome from v4.x to v5.2 (latest)
  • Tweaked homepage blog post list format

Version 4.1.16, Monday 22nd January 2018

  • Updated navbar
  • Removed “home” button, unnecessary
  • Removed centring of menu

Version 4.1.15, Friday 19th January 2018

  • 2018 the year of serif
  • Changed the default font from the long lasting sans-serif
  • New default font “Merriweather”
  • Updated the font colour as well

Version 4.1.14, Thursday 14th December 2017 

  • Removed grouping to blog post list, grouping by year
  • Streamlined and reduced categories
  • Page width now 980px wide
  • Added modal to crypto links in footer
    • Plus added QR code for easier access to address
  • Made the Lucian.Blog navbar title font-weight 700 like H1 on homepage
  • Changed paragraph margin-bottom to 2rem from 1rem

Version 4.1.13, Thursday 7th December 2017 

  • Changed header style – centred the titles in the middle
  • Changed navbar back to primary colour

Version 4.1.12, Wednesday 29nd November 2017 

  • Changed header style
  • Added background-blend-mode
  • Added additional homepage header content
  • Added grouping to blog post list, grouping by year
  • Updated the footnotes
    • Streamlined to make it easier to read in line
    • Streamlined the references to align with theme footer

Version 4.1.11, Wednesday 22nd November 2017 

  • Added a new contact page
  • Updated navbar for the new contact page

Version 4.1.10, Tuesday 31st October 2017 

  • Font updates – reduces the number of fonts to streamline page speed
  • Using pretty much “Open Sans” for everything, except pre/code which is still Roboto Mono
  • Streamlined footers

Version 4.1.9, Friday 12th October 2017 

  • Further footer tweaks
  • Fixed top and bottom margins on search and tag pages
  • Navbar now white

Version 4.1.8, Thursday 12th October 2017 

  • Resolved overflow issue re HTML and BODY tags
  • Added in home H1 and H2 blog title and subtitle
    • This improves SEO
  • Navbar now fixed
  • Updated blog post footer
  • Updated footnotes

Version 4.1.7, Sunday 8th October 2017 

  • Font changes- change of font sizes for H styles
  • Remove unused styles
  • Updated selection colours

Version 4.1.6, Friday 6th October 2017 

  • Fixed issues with bootstrap card style

Version 4.1.5, Tuesday 3rd October 2017 

  • Move to Lucian.Blog
    • Remove all old clouduccino references
  • Move to beta Bootstrap v4
  • Change of navbar, enabled container
  • Clean up categories and streamlined categories



Version 4.0.4, Wednesday 24th May 2017

  • Updated the post entry meta style
    • Stretched to 100% screen width
    • Added grey background
  • Added a Bitcoin donation box to sticky posts
  • Removed grey background from comments section on blog posts

Version 4.0.3, Thursday 2nd February 2017

  • Updated the pre / code formatting
    • Changed the colour scheme to look like Powershell

Version 4.0.2, Friday 20th January 2017

  • Updated the blockquote formatting
  • Updated the pre / code formatting
  • Both blockquote and pre/code sections are easier to read

Version 4.0.1, Thursday 19th January 2017

  • Added category, tag and search result counts

Version 4.0.0, Saturday 14th January 2017

  • The biggest change I’ve done since November 2015
    • Well, modified theme “ecto”
    • I cant rename everything in the theme and get it to be a true new theme, as yet
  • Most theme files are all new from top to bottom, every single one, except for the /languages/ content
  • Removed all unnecessary and unused code
  • Implemented BOOTSTRAP 4 alpha6
  • Streamlined interface
  • Using a navbar now for the menu instead of a sidebar
  • Responsive setup now greatly improved
    • Mobile experience should be a lot better to read now
  • Streamlined the topics and culled some unused ones
  • Updated the about me page

Version 3.0.8, Saturday 25th December 2016

  • Moved Facebook like button to top left corner

Version 3.0.7, Sunday 18th December 2016

  • Added in font Roboto Slab for blockquote
  • Playing around with blockquote style
  • Added post numbers to all posts to keep track of blog posts

Version 3.0.6, Thursday 15th December 2016

  • Change home page footer background colour
  • Minor colour adjustments to some fonts, design elements

Version 3.0.5, Saturday 10th December 2016

  • Change main font from “Open Sans” to “Roboto”
  • Now a single font family or Roboto is used
    • Roboto (sans serif) and Roboto Mono

Version 3.0.4, Monday 28th November 2016

  • Minor colour updates to certain elements
  • Updated footer
  • Updated the view when a category or tag is selected
    • Now displays a minimal extract of posts for faster review

Version 3.0.3, Monday 28th November 2016

  • Minor colour updates to certain elements
  • Changed the main menu button

Version 3.0.2, Wednesday 21st September 2016

  • Added footnotes
  • Footnotes are coming to blog posts for better referencing

Version 3.0.1, Tuesday 6th September 2016

  • Updated the fonts, again
    • Default font is Open Sans
    • Additional font used is Roboto Mono
  • Added Facebook like to header

Version 3.0.0, Thursday 1st September 2016

  • Ecto menu brought back
  • Updated fonts
  • Brought back original theme functionality/layout elements
  • Completed individual footer design: home vs posts vs pages – each has unique footer

Version 2.9.7, Thursday 28th July 2016

  • Amended orientation of the home post list

Version 2.9.6, Saturday 23th July 2016

  • Added blink element
  • Changed header element for latest posts and previous posts
    • Reference / inspiration from Mac terminal
  • Updated footer, updated version info
  • Uppercase for post and page heading class

Version 2.9.5, Wednesday 20th July 2016

  • Website content width adjustment

Version 2.9.4, Monday 18th July 2016

  • Removed parallax header
  • Font colour adjustment

Version 2.9.3, Saturday 2nd July 2016

  • Updated font size for metadata
  • Added parallax effect header image
  • Moved site name and fixed to bottom of header
  • Updated colours for secondary title
  • Adjusted font width for headers

Version 2.9.2, Friday 10th June 2016

  • Changed default fonts
  • Removed Roboto Slab
  • Default heading font is Roboto Mono
  • Default content font is Roboto
  • Font load time 41% faster than before

Version 2.9, Saturday 7th May 2016

  • Redesigned home page
  • Included archive or “older” posts list above the footer
  • Changed recent posts count to 7 posts

Version 2.8, Monday 1st May 2016

  • New topics view menu item which includes the post count
  • Updated font sizing for header (hX) fields
  • Added left hand aligned date field for latest posts menu item
  • Added new social and share buttons to posts and footer

Version 2.7, Sunday 24th April 2016

  • Removed the sidebar
  • New navbar and main menu

Version 2.6, Wednesday 13th April 2016

  • Updated the sidebar
  • Added new menu items: archives and popular posts
  • Fixed the masthead to be 70% height across every page and post

Version 2.5, Saturday 26th March 2016

  • Updated navbar
  • Updated navbar buttons
  • Integrated search with navbar

Version 2.4, Sunday 20th March 2016

  • Meta data updates for content and single posts

Version 2.3, Friday 18th March 2016

  • Headings updates for H2
  • Home and menu button update
  • Colour updates for certain elements like H2 title

Version 2.2, Tuesday 24th November 2015

  • Added word count meta data

Version 2.2, Monday 23rd November 2015

  • All new design and theme
  • Theme is “Ecto”, available from the theme library
  • New “design language” again.. I do this way to often.
  • New font

Version 2.1, Saturday 19th September 2015

  • Updated site width to no max-width, but container is @ 90% width
  • Updated site font size when responsive
  • Updated content layout and adjusted spacing here and there
  • Simplified the footer

Version 2.0, Monday 27th July 2015

  • All new design and theme
  • New “design language” and a bit more polish  all round
  • New standard font “Roboto” from Google Fonts

Version 1.8, Sunday 5th July 2015

  • Updated tag design
  • Updated meta data location
  • Updated mobile max width for better viewing

Version 1.7, Thursday 2nd July 2015

  • Updated max-width for main content container
  • Added new background colouring
  • Updated masthead and main navigation colouring
  • Changed standard front to ‘PT Open’ sans

Version 1.6, Saturday 13th June 2015

  • Updated max-width for main content container
  • Added new background colouring to footer
  • Updated footer <P>
  • Amended comments background colouring
  • Returned theme horizontal line dividing posts

Version 1.5, Thursday 28th May 2015

  • Updated “toggle-wrapper” background colour
  • Added new background colouring to footer

Version 1.4, Wednesday 22nd April 2015

  • Added new blog categories
  • Added new category “Morning Coffee” -more info on this soon

Version 1.3, Monday 20th April 2015

  • New WordPress theme / template configured
    • Theme used is “Hew”
  • Updated colours
  • Updated design slightly
  • Changed footer
  • Updated fonts to use Google Fonts

Version 1.2, Saturday April 4th 2015

  • New WordPress theme / template configured
    • Theme used is “Candela”
  • Added new clouduccino header and logo
  • Updated menu to include April 2015 menu item and new category “Miscellaneous Tech

Version 1.1Wednesday March 11th 2015

  • Updated site width
  • Updated site header to use a new gradient colour scheme
  • Changed masthead menu structure
  • Updated footer content and colour

Version 1.0Wednesday March 4th 2015

  • New WordPress theme / template configured
    • Theme used is called “Sparkling”
    • Implemented theme as the new blog default
    • Chosen for the use of Bootstrap v3 framework
  • Customised theme to suit requirements
  • Added new widgets and menu
  • Amended post category and category description for Personal Memoirs
  • Amended content format, removed borders, changed colours

Previous versions

The previous “versions” of the site I didn’t keep a track of, which is a shame as a historical reference would have been a good thing to keep. However, changing WordPress themes and chopping and changing everything all the time until a sweat spot was reached would have resulted in version changes on a near daily basis. Prior to v1.0 can be considered alpha and beta stages.