Goodbye 2016

A reflection and thoughts on 2017

So long year 2016. It was… fun… while it lasted.

Every year around my birthday and subsequently around new years I reflect on the year that was and think to myself: was that a good year? Did I earn enough experience points to level up? (gaming reference). This past year was interesting, chaotic, stressful, fun, enjoyable, rewarding, but, overall it's hard to say if it's going to be one of those years I look back and remember. A lot happened. There was 365 days of activities of all shapes and sizes. The problem is that there was only a handful of things that I could say were awesome.

To therefore answer the question; did I level up this year?; I think I would have to answer it by saying I earned enough experience points across all aspects of life to warrant a level up. [, but, I don't feel like it was a level up. It's one of those “good enough” moments; which reminds me of Purple Cow by Seth Godin and the reference to “remarkable” or not. The year was very good, but, not that remarkable.] Thinking it through, and looking at some of the achievements of the year:

Listing those off and reviewing the months and weeks that went by, I have to re-answer that question and I say that there was a lot of experience points earned. The year was very good, maybe not the most remarkable overall or remarkable of all time, but, very good indeed. Certainly a level up.

New Years resolutions

To hold myself accountable to continue to do certain habits, I thought I'd put them out there on the interwebs. In the new year I had a list of things I wanted to do more of, to achieve which I guess qualify for some resolutions. I've not really done resolutions in the past; apart from the generic “be healthier” etc. However, I did some thinking and there's certainly a good use case for doing such reflection and forward thinking. With that said, here's the list:

Most of these are daily routines. Their habits that if I can do them consistently for a couple of months, I know I can continue to do them indefinitely. Sometime in the last few years that I came by the quote, which when something along the lines of:

“Life is a system. Find how the system works and work it to your advantage”

Using that as a reference point, I want to put into place these NYE resolutions, these thoughts, aspirations and habits so that I could possibly work the system in my favour in 2017.

Thank you 2016. Best regards and see you shortly 2017!

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