Hello world!

I've gone and done it, I've started a blog

Today I’m starting what I’ve thought about for sometime now: writing a simple tech blog. Over the many years of working in IT there have been countless blog entries and posts on countless websites that have saved my bacon. This represents for me a small piece of thanks to the people behind the content that have helped me, and a helping hand to all those that are in search of that elusive solution for the problem at hand.

As the name of the blog and domain suggests, I’ll be mainly focused on ‘the cloud’. Odd snippets of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 or Amazon Web Services information and help as I find it, or implement it, will make its way here rather than my locked away Evernote notes. The ‘uccino’ is from the Italian coffee drink cappuccino that fuels my mind every morning, and tastes like happiness in a cup when made correctly.


Personal notes

Discussion 💬

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