Looking ahead to Microsoft Ignite 2016

This September and October is an exciting time for me. I am heading to the United States of America for the first time to attend the Microsoft Ignite conference. A first time major conference attendee, a first time Microsoft conference attendee and a first time visitor to the US. What's the worst that can happen? (famous last words…).


I've followed various Microsoft conferences, via Channel 9 on MSDN, for a few years now. Every event now is videoed and uploaded to the site. It means that I can catch up on all the Ignite action while being able to watch in my own time. The only problem is that most of the content is the Powerpoint slide deck + audio in most cases, which unfortunately, doesn't do the sessions justice. You miss out on the human element and in a lot of cases the demo's.

To get a more immersive experience and to get up to speed on a number of Microsoft technologies, first hand, I asked Kloud if it was cool for me to attend this year. Thankfully I had a pretty good year in 2015 (achieving the highest billed consulting hours in NSW) and as a reward for the hard work, I'd be able to take the time off to go to Atlanta. Yes, working hard does result in recognition and reward.

It's my first time at a major conference. That's big. Having worked as a Microsoft centric consultant for 10 years now, attending either a regional conference (like Microsoft Ignite Australia or the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference) seemed to always elude me. Projects or life got in the way. This year the stars aligned and I'm heading to one of the larger conferences on the calendar.

It's not the first time Kloud has gone to the conference though. Every year at least two Kloudies head over to take up as much as possible and bring back awesome tidbits of knowledge. That knowledge sharing has some benefits as I've come across a number of great ideas for attending the conference. Some are no-brainers, but, some pro-tips I never thought of…


What are some of the pro-tips and “hacks” to make conferences and traveling in general as smooth as butter:



So I’ve put in 43 sessions to attend in my Ignite schedule. Yes, that is certainly biting off way more than I can chew. The logic is to have several options; I mentioned this earlier. There’s a lot of sessions and a lot of great topics. There’s going to be many booths and companies to chat to about all things tech and how that ties into Microsoft.

I’m particularly keen and interested in the latest on Azure and specifically Azure and containerisation. Advancements in connectivity to Azure, automation in Azure for workloads, security improvements, and new ways of management (Powershell on Mac- woohoo!).

Daily blog

During the conference I’m going to try and put up a daily blog and share some of the day, night and everything in between. I’m sure there will be a lot of cool new things being announced and a lot of interesting nuggets of information at the many sessions. Stay tuned…


If you couldn’t tell by the information overload in this blog post- I’m pretty excited. I’ve done my homework. I’ve made all the necessary arrangements to really enjoy Ignite.

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